Andrea Pearson is a comics artist from Chicago. For fun Andrea likes to read and draw comics, hang out with friends, and watch movies. She also likes long walks on the beach, sunsets and kittens.

Andrea has had comics published in the Birdcage Bottom Books anthology "Too Tough To Die", the Graham Cracker Comics Ladies Night anthology "Sisters" as well as several Northside Comic Artist's anthologies including "Misadventure", "Memories", "Hallowzine" and  "Hallowzine 2". She has also self published seven zines in her autobiographical "No Pants Revolution" series. The "No Pants Revolution" series has been honored by The Chicago Reader being nominated twice for Chicago's best zine. In her spare time, Andrea has also started Aquatic Panda Distro, a comic and art zine distro whose goal is to help uplift the voices of cartoonists of color. She has edited and published two anthologies including "The Revenge of Hallowzine which features the art and comics from over 30 Chicago area cartoonists.

To view more of Andrea’s art (mostly just scribbles) visit her sketchblog, Moderate Sketchyness, or her Instagram @Saturn2169. Feel free to email her at apearson@ymail.com.